Monday, January 9, 2012

11 Months Old

It feels like it was just last week that I was taking her ten month picturesZoinks!!  Now that she is full on walking and even trying to run, it is a very good workout taking her picture..  I have come to the conclusion not to expect the sit here and smile [because it is impossible with her] and instead I have tried to capture who she is.... 
My curious little adventurer. 

Wondering how she got under this bench?  Well,  I was trying to get a good shot, she managed to turn around, swing both legs through the opening and wiggle out behind the bench. 

She is a wiggly worm who cannot sit still and loves loves loves to explore.  She walks everywhere she can, and she seriously think she can run only to discover she can't yet... but like a champ she gets back up and goes for it again.

It amazes me how she can take the most mundane item and study it and study it and study it.  I wonder what is running through that little mind of hers. 

And not only curious but she loves carrying things both big and small.  

With each month I get to discover a little more about the personality that God has given her.  Cautious about new surrounding, she tests the waters with little baby steps.

And as soon as she knows it is ok, she hits the ground running.

But not without asking mommy first. And with the okay, she off running again!  I have been teaching her how to signal for a "touch down" so that is why her hands are up.  Something she can show daddy when they watch football next sesaon.

I just love my little munchkin!!  Her little personality reminds me so much of her daddy.  She even sucks in her lip the way he use to when he was little. I am so blessed to have spent yet another wonderful month with you.  So Happy 11 month birthday my little monster.  We love you so much.

[And if you are wondering how I got all these wonderful pictures...  HUGE thanks to cousin Krista for helping me.  You are so awesome!!!


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