Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Birthday Cake for my Airman

Yesterday was my lovely hubby's birthday and unfortunately we are not able to be there with him to celebrate.  Every year for as long as we have been together I have baked him a cake or some form of birthday-ee dessert.  For months I have been thinking,  how am I going to send a cake to the Middle East?!  There has to be some way to mail him a cake so he can really feel like it is his birthday... something that taste like cake, something that he can share with his buddies, and something that would make him feel like it his birthday.

Here is what I finally came up with... Hostess Cupcakes!  I thought about mailing one of those cakes from the bakery thinking it lasts about a week or so but due to weather, sometimes it takes three weeks for him to get a package.  Nothing would be worse than getting a cake that is rotten on your birthday.

But throwing a bunch of cupcakes in a box is not really birthday-ee enough for me so to spice it up and make it feel like a real birthday cake I added letters by cutting white card stock circles and gluing silver scrap book letters to them.

I am just hoping it is a little something to make him smile and make his day a little brighter.

When the cakes come together, they will tell him that we just want to wish him a very very very Happy Birthday.  Plus, he can go ahead and feel like he as a real cake to "cut" and share with others.

It is the best way I could think of sending my airman a cake that can be packaged up nice and tight.


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