Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bridal Shower Favors

So I have been staying overly busy these days and yes, missing the good ol day's of staying home in Germany living the slow small town life.  This week has been so hectic I just can't wait for it to be over!  Thinking about my to do's just makes me tired so I won't even go there.

But on a happier note, my dear friend Kathryn's bridal shower is this weekend [yeay] so I have been working hard getting things ready.  This isn't a small shindig either, there will be about 40 ladies there so there is much to do.  One of my to do's is getting the party favors together.  So, off I went to Michael's to look with my 50% off coupon on hand.  I ended up getting these small round candy tins and chose them mainly because they already come with the printable stickers.

Now the idea of printable labels is great, except you have to be some sort of guru to print them out to fit perfectly in those circles!!!!  NOTE:  Buy the square ones, the labels will be easier to make.  Twenty  minutes and two test sheets later, I gave up and thought of a different idea.  I got my white card stock and printed out the title on there.  I figured I would just use my fancy schmancy paper punch and handy dandy glue gun.   

[And I have to add that these are my all time favorite punches!!!!  With a 50% off coupon they are pretty reasonably priced.  You hold it down and press the lever and it collapses into this thin heavy square thing.  I love that it is so compact and perfect for a little traveler like me.  EK is the brand in case you were wondering. ]
Now this would have been so nice except my scallop punch is centimeters too big!  Aghh.  But there is a solution and here is a way to get the most out of your paper punchers.  I had to make them smaller, so I turned the little tags into clouds.  Here is how...
1. Slip in the paper and punch.  
2. There is the first side.  
3.  Now the tricky-er part.  Slip it in again and this time line up the curves of the paper to the punch where the arrows are pointing.  
4.  Punch again and repeat a million times.

Now it looks like a whole lotta work, but you get the hang of it after the first two and I made thirty in about 15 minutes.  Before you know you will have a whole stack!  Warm up the glue gun and start start gluing them on.

  And now for the fun part, filling it with candy.  Here is a money saving tip.  I bought this at Party city.  I love the pink Sixlets but they were expensive.  So to cut cost, I bought these white pearls on sale for about a third of the price of the Sixlets.  I was going to use the pearls as fillers.

When I am doing projects were I have to mass produce I always try to save time.  Here is a time saving trick.  Line up all the tins and the lids.  Fill the big ones with all the white pearls.  Then fill the lids with the candy you want to show on top.  

Now when they are all filled, you just put the lid on and pour the candy all at once.  I do it this way because you need to make sure all the cans have about the same amount.  If you do one by one, you might end up running out of candy right in the middle.  Aren't they the cutest?!  These are really great for any party, not just bridal showers.


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