Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Recap and a New Year

I know Christmas was so many days ago but I have been so exhausted that I couldn't get myself to post, so here it is.... better late than never I guess.

 Well, I can't help but be so glad that Christmas is over.  I wish I could say all was merry, but it was of a distasteful combination of every emotion you could ever possibly feel; the good, bad, and down right ugly.  Lets just say it was a crazy wild emotional roller coaster ride!  And, even though the radio continues to relentlessly play the music, I can take a deep breathe and know that it's over. 

One highlight for me this year was seeing the reaction on my brother's face when he opened up the toilet paper I got him as one of his gifts [hehehe].  He did tell me to get him something useful.

I absolutely adored Boo in her big girl Christmas pajamas.

She wasn't quite old enough to fully enjoy the opening gifts portion, but I enjoyed opening them with her.

As you can see, we were both very good girls this year. 

Though we enjoyed being with family, it was so hard for me to be without my love.  It broke my heart that he couldn't be there with Boo for her first Christmas. I couldn't help but shed a few tears and I kind of had a hard time enjoying my gifts knowing he was all alone.  But, I am thankful that he could at least somewhat be there with us.  This was one of my favorite moments, as we both watched Boo dance with joy as she heard music from her new piano.  Guess this is just part of living the military life.

So Christmas is over and a new year has begun!  I'm now looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2012. 


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