Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dr. Suess Banner

We are two weeks away from the big day and oh mee goodness I think I am going to hyperventilate.  I have this vision in my mind on how everything should look, all the food, the outfits, the games, blah blah blah but it is just putting it together that is the hard part.  And the harder part is carefully choosing which do it yourself project to attempt because, lets face it, I can't do everything.
One of my biggest inspirations is the party from Hostess.  Simple and stunning!!  If I could hire a bunch of different people to create this I would but I can't so I am going to try to replicate it.  You will see a ton of inspiration come from this blog.  One of the big things I wanted to make was the gorgeous banner.  I love it and with my slice I was able to cut out all the little pieces.

It came out adorable and I love it!  I thought about selling it after the party is over but when my grandma asked if she could have the pom poms that we made I thought of her.  I just know she  will want this too so I guess this will not be for sale and it will go to my Nanay. 

I figure I would only show half for now, the.... the happy half.  And what makes me happy?!  This cutie pie, the one I am doing all of this for!  And what makes her happy?!  Cookies of course!


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