Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adding the Special Touch: Dr. Seuss Invitations

Remember eons and eons [yes this is actually a real word] ago when I first started the design of the Dr. Suess birthday invitations here and then I finished the digital copy here.  Well, I actually printed them and they are signed, sealed, and delivered.  Woo Hoo!

I know we are in the ago of digital invitations but my heart just oozes for the old school, traditional, card stock, snail mail party invites.  I love them!

  They came out beautifully!!

Now the printed version is cute, but it still needed some pizazz, so a yellow bow was the perfect touch.  [Heed my warning, if you are sending out more than 25 invites, this takes time.]  Thank God I had cousin Krista to help.  We did them on New Years Eve and finding that yellow ribbon was the most pain staking!  We went to three stores to find the yellow with white polka dots, in the perfect size!! You can use the head band tutorial as a reference to creating this bow (but instead of sewing I used my glue gun).
Any who, here is how to attach it.
You cut two slits where the arrows are using an exacto knife.
Take your thin ribbon and bring it through the slit (1.) from the back side.
Create a half a loop, then bring it through the bottom slit ( 2).
Slide your bow through.

Place a drop of glue from your glue gun under the bow to hold it in place.  Pull on the thin ribbon until it is tight in the front and then tie a double knot in the back. 

Easy peasy right?!  Now crazy me just couldn't stop there!  I ended up also creating direction cards and mainly because the club house is gated and guest will need the code.  So I designed one up real quick and WALA direction cards. 

 But the madness doesn't even stop there!! I had to get cute envelops and thanks to coupons I was able to get them for a dollar per pack of ten.  I created Thing 1 and Thing 2 address labels.... and a Dr. Suess fish bowl sticker seals the deal [tutorial for the fish sticker coming soon].

I know I am crazy but I just love invitations, parties, and all the little itty bitty details.  I can't help myself!!!  If I had Adobe Photoshop I would probably be designing all sorts of invitations...


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