Friday, January 20, 2012

Ikea Wishlist

Who doesn't love to go to Ikea?! Well, one random day, my two compadres and I decided to get in the car and go. Just like that, spur of the moment sorta trip.  We had a blast!

We got inspired by the layouts and I hugged just about everything I wanted.  Yes, I literally hugged everything I wanted.  Linh liked this pillow so we hugged it and gave it the squishy test.

After lots of browsing and walking we got hungry and I got to eat there for the very first time.  I have been to Ikea a handful of times and other than the Belgium waffle I ate when we went to the Ikea in Belgium I have never actually tasted the food.  The verdict? YUMMY.  We ate family style and I have to say the meatballs are de-licious and their new toffee almond tart is oh so so so good!

 And it wouldn't be a trip without Jeanine tasting something odd and healthy. Was the drink yummy Neen?

Once we were loaded and full we headed to the warehouse and filled the cart.  For every wedding anniversary that my hubby and I have had, we have gotten something for the house, something that we can both enjoy.  I really like this little tradition because then we get to spend time together looking for it and putting it together. 

So, for this years anniversary gift I have my eye on a few things!  Last year we bought this lovely white bookcase and I am dying to have the matching coffee table [and side table, and entire entertainment center].  I just love love love love white furniture!  I love the pitcher of flowers and those gorgeous candle stick holders.  I am not a huge fan of candle stick holder but I am in love with those ones.  I actually ended up buying the pillow cover and can't wait to see how it looks on my couch!
And since Boo Bear can't speak for herself I will for her.  Soon she will be in a toddler bed so I chose the white one of course to match the white dresser we bought her before she was born [see I told you I love white furniture].  I am in love with it.  She already has the green curtains in her room with a matching green rug so I thought the duvet cover would go nicely with what is already there.  I also would just love to have that toy organizer!  I already have plans to create vinyl words with my Slice to help keep it even more organized.

So that is my Ikea wishlist.  I am not at all gifted in decorating the house but when I go to Ikea I get inspired.  Other than the throw pillows, I bought lots and lots of these fantastic napkins for 1.99 for the Boo's birthday party.

Normal people use napkins to wipe their mouths [and yes I did buy some for this purpose], but I also used them to create these fun party decorations....gigantic paper poms!  They are so fun I think when I get back to Germany I will be making some for her room.   The tutorial will be coming soon so stay tuned!


  1. Pattylicious, you still need to teach me how to make those poms!! (: and also I was looking at organizing labels online a couple of weeks ago. I saw the different designs and thought about your cricut. But that's a good idea to put it on boo's future organizer/cubby because they look sooo cutesies! has cute ideas for organizing too. Just look up labels (;

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