Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Bridal Shower Ideas

 Anyone else having a crazy week like me?!  I don't even know what to think of this week but it has been a tough one!!  So, instead of complaining I figure I would talk about the bridal shower from this past weekend.  It was for my dear college friend Kathryn whom I sent the wedding organizing binder to many moons ago.

There is nothing like a party to get the creative juices flowing.  It was a blast getting everything ready and we had a blast at the party.  The bride was showered, the food was awesome, and it went perfectly.

I first have to mention what a great job Lu [the hostess] did on setting up the beautiful buffet table.  It was so crazy because we both didn't even talk about color schemes, but somehow managed to match everything perfectly!  The table runner was just gorgeous and it had this super duper cute ruffled trim.  I also fell in love with those candle sticks!  She got them at Anthropology.

 In the next room there was another table that I used to put all the candy tin favors, name tags, these cute flowers I got at the dollar store, and the guest book pages.

 The name tags were made at the brides request.  I put numbers on the back of them and it worked out perfectly when we split up into groups to play Pictionary.  Everyone had equal teams and got to mingle. They were very easy to make.  I bought a pack of plain note cards at Michaels for $1.50, cut them, rounded the edges, glued broach pins on the back, and then wrote on them.  Easy peasy.

 I wanted to do something fun for the guestbook so I got this idea from  The Guest Book Store.  We did this for my baby shower and I still like to sometimes go through and read what people wrote.  I created a simple design and used the reply cards from her bridal shower invitations [that are really meant to be wedding invitations].  I just love to recycle.  Once everyone fills them in, they go into a photo album along with the pictures from the shower.

And because I love to make things, I had to make her some special keep sakes.  Remember those pieces I cut with my stuper awesome Slice?  Well,I bet you can guess what it is now...

Yup my very first banner!  Again, thanks to Michaels I got a nice stack of 5 by 5 sheets of scrap book paper for the low low price of 90 cents, I used some white card stock for the letters and the left over note cards for the flower.  Added some ribbon and WALA a banner!

 And my last handmade item is what I like to call the honeymoon ruffle clutch.  Isn't it so cute?!  One of these days I am going to get my act together and post a tutorial.  Anyways, I fell in love with this print [which I plan on also using for a summer dress for Boo] from Joann's.  I saw the idea when I was in Victoria Secret and I copied it.  Inside I filled it with matching passport covers, a cute hair accessory and well stuff for the bride.

I love planning for parties!!  Even though it can get stressful at times, it is so much fun!


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