Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stickers from Address Labels

This Christmas,  I got a sticker maker {hehehe} and it is awesome for making a few stickers but not all that great for mass production.  I really wanted to make envelope seals for Cindy's invites but didn't want to waste the adhesive paper.

So here is what I came up with instead....  I already needed to buy a pack of address labels [and thanks to Wal-Mart's mistake I got them for $1 instead of $10] and I realized this would be the perfect size. I found an image online of the two fish, copy, and pasted it onto the label.  Printed and got my paper punch ready. 

I have to take a second to show you this because these are a huge favorite of mine.  I bought this awesome paper punch from Joann's using a 50% off coupon making it a really reasonable price.  Out of all the paper punchers these are my favorite because they are so sleek.  It is thin, then you push the lever up and it pops up and is ready to go.  Whoever came up with these are genius! 

 After a few minutes I had about sixty of these stickers.  I know it isn't necessary but I love the little details. 

If you have little kiddos, they are really fun to decorate and punch out.  You can even get the super large sticky labels so that the stickers come out bigger.  When I was at my house, I was drawing on them with my God daughter who is 7.  We were having so much fun my little sister came and joined and we made a ton of stickers for her to stick on her notebook. 


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  6. I am pretty sure my lil daughter will love your sticker maker. She indeed loves stickers, she used to make designs and used it for her stickers.

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