Baby Shower Gift- Diaper Babies [Pin it and Do it] Make it Cozee: Baby Shower Gift- Diaper Babies [Pin it and Do it]

Baby Shower Gift- Diaper Babies [Pin it and Do it]

Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay so can the title of this post be any longer?  I think not but I had to get a full description of the cuteness that is about to occur.  This is officially my second Pin it and Do it Firday post [yeay] and every week from here on out I will be challenging you, my fellow bloggers to join me in sharing what it is you have accomplished thanks to pinterest.  Here is the post from last week.

But onto this week's pin of choice.  I saw these little diaper babies, pinned them to my empty for now gift idea board, and just about died because they are so darling!!!  I knew I had to make them and I was just waiting for the perfect excuse to come up.   Lucky me it did.  My sister needed a baby shower gift and I was the first to raise my hand!
The gal has decided not to know the sex of the baby making it very hard on me.  Do you know how hard it is to find neutral socks!  Yowzers!  I ended up using some mittens as well because I liked this color. They are super easy to make.  Just roll up a diaper and tie it with a rubber band.  Use the sock as a cap, swaddle with a wash cloth, and add googly eyes.  Easy peasy.

Now they are adorable but I had to think of a fun way to package them as a gift and here is what I came up with.  I bought this cute photo/media storage box from Joann's for less than $2.  I used some pretty paper and my slice to add the title.  I figured little bundle of joy was fitting for the little bundles of diaper babies.  You open the box and you can't help but smile.

The best part is that I created a little opening on the bottom so there is room for her to slide the card and gift card. 

And might I say I love the colors.  This box doesn't only house the diaper babies, but it will be a great little storage box for keepsakes.  I have one that hold baby shower cards, Cindy's first outfit, her hospital bracelet and name plate, her first head band, and you get the idea.

Now, underneath the diaper babies is Desatin, the little hats that came with the mittens, and on top of that is more diapers.   I thought it is just a cute little addition to just getting diapers and a gift card.  I have enough to make one more box with 6 babies so if you are interested, shoot me an email.

Who knew diapers could look so adorable all rolled up!  These little babies will for sure be going on my favorites for baby shower gifts!  Thank you Pinterest!
Now it's your turn to share.  What did you Pin and Do this week?