Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clippix- My Virtual Notebook

Ever get that satisfying feeling when you have just finished organizing something? Yup, I have that feeling because my life just became a little more organized. As with my party planning notebooks, I also have one for my sewing projects. I started it when I really got into sewing but then it got really hard to print out all the directions and patterns, I ended up copying all the links and saving them to a draft in my email.  I finally put all of my stuff  on Clipix and you can check out how it works from this video


Now.... I have all of the sewing projects I would like to do or have done and would like to save on this pretty little clipboard on Clipix! I LOVE IT! I love it because I can see all the projects at once with their pictures and it links me back to the blog so I can browse on the site in the future.

I haven't just started using this for my sewing projects but also for the my purchase list [both needs and wants] and stuff I would like to get for Cindy. We do a lot of online shopping in Germany so this is perfect! One of my big huge faves about Clipix is that you can have a multiboard. I can have one main shopping board and two separate folders, one for me and one for Cindy. And, if I didn't want people to see what I was buying I could just make it private.


Clipix is super easy as the video says. I signed up, added the clip button like a bookmark button.  Then, you can go to any site, click the clip it button, clip which board and which image you want to show, and it shows up on your Clipix account.  Cindy loves Barney and with this DVD at $6 it is for sure going on the shopping list.


I really love this new way to organizing my favorite shopping and crafting links. Now it's your turn so go to your favorite sites and  Clip it!

There are so many possibilities! How would you use Clipix? I might convince my hubby to use it for when he plans our trips.  So get your clipix button and start clipping!clipix

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