Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 2 Make it Cozee: Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 2

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 2

Monday, February 13, 2012

If you missed part one, you can find it HERE.

All week the weather was perfect, sunny, and warm.  I even bought chalk for the kids to write on the concrete outside.  However, on the day of the party, it was freezing and it rained.  It kind of stunk but it ended up being really nice because the kids were all inside with us playing.  We blew up a pool and created a ball pit for them.  I got the idea from my friend Natalie who did it for her son.  It was a big hit with the kiddos and the adults. 

We also set up Cindy's tent and tunnel along with some toys for the little ones to play with. 

Because it is way to expensive to hire a clown, I made a Thing 1 Costume for a friend and she did balloon animals for the kids. 

If the kiddos wanted to sit for awhile they could do some fun things on the activity table.

There were yummy gold fishes in the gold fish bowl, bubbles, fruit tubes, crayons, noise makers, and play dough.

We even made these one fish two fish crayons and I just printed up some coloring pages for them.  You can make your own crayons using the tutorial found HERE or HERE.  Each kid got their own cup to put their name on.  Sippy cups for the little ones and colorful ones with swirly straw for the older kids.

And since it is a birthday party we had to have food just for the kiddos.  There is no better kid food than pizza!  

With so many people at the party, games were a challenge.  The kids played musical chairs and we did pin the hat on the cat.

We also played an adult game.  I printed out four sets of wallet sized pictures of Cindy from each of her monthly photo sessions.  The adults had to put them in order from newborn to 1 year.  

 We announced the answers by putting up her month to month picture banner.  It wasn't as easy as they expected but it was fun!

Overall, it was a success!  Nothing ever goes according to the plans in my planning book but I don't let it bother me.  All that matters is that everyone had a good time.

A big big thank goes to the main cast of characters.  My sisters, cousin Krista, my cousin Angel.  And not pictured is Jeanine and Kathryn who also helped out so much!  I couldn't have done it without you ladies.