Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dr. Suess Centerpiece Ideas

Over the past few days after I put my Boo down for bed I have been working on party stuff.  Sorry but for the next week or two Dr. Suess will be taking over my blog.   Lots and lots of Suess things in progress and now everywhere I go there is some form of Dr. Suess craft.

Here are some of the Dr. Suess centerpieces and decor I have come up with [and more to come later].  These have to be my favorite of the centerpieces.  I am difficult and I couldn't just have one kind but these are my number one. Hehe get it, number 1.  The tutorial for this will come in a later post but I got the idea from this etsy page.  

Now, these little ones are a second fave.  They aren't really meant for a table and will actually go on a fire place mantel, but I thought I would share.  While we were buying fabric for Cindy's dress my little sister and I saw these little poms [for a $1.99 each...] and began having a pom fight right then and there.  I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time.  It was so much fun!! 

After that, I knew I had to make some of these for a fraction of what they cost.  I got these super fun colorful vases at the dollar store and they were the perfect house for these little poms.  Ignore the little middle vase because I am actually not going to put these pom in it... it will be used for something much more adorable.

These little things are super easy to make.  All you need is a strand of the thin boa.  I got mine at downtown LA for $2.50 and is more than enough to make a few.  Some floral wire and white floral tape.

Trim the wire to the size you need it.  Then trim off a piece of the boa about 5 to 6 inches.  

Place a dot of hot glue onto the thin wire and glue one end of the boa onto it. Once it is dry, bend it downward and then glue the other end.  [Be careful not to burn yourself].  The take the floral tape and wrap it all the way around until you get to the end. 

Before you know it, you will have a bunch made.  They are so cute and so fun to play with.  Every time Boo Bear sees it she giggles and wants to hold it. 

The last decor for today will be the number one vases.  I got these vases, again at downtown LA for about $3.50.  I love the design on it and I knew I had to have it.  Cousin Krista bought these fun swirls on clearance for $1 after Christmas and I got the wired ribbon during the after Christmas sale for a $1 too!  I love those clearances.

I made up the furry circle one myself and they kind of resemble Thing One and Thing Two.  To make these, I used some leftover paper [from the banner and cup cake stand], some ribbon, short wooden dowels, a small empty ribbon spool, and some of  the thin boa.

I wrapped the wooden dowel with some more $1 Christmas clearance ribbon.  I traced and cut red circles to cover the spool.  I used the slice to cut the number and then poked a hole at the bottom of the spool.  I put the dowel in the hole and glued it in place.

Afterwards, I glued the boa all around and WALA a furry number one.  In order to keep the arrangement in place I put the green floral foam in the vase.  To cover the inside, I just glued some teeny tiny baby poms to the top [and only the yellow ones...] 

I know what I am doing seems a little crazy and over the top but I seriously can't help myself.... Like I said, once I have a vision I just have to follow through!  It may seem a like a ton of work but it is so much fun!!!


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