Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dr. Seuss Cindy Lou Who Dress

A tutorial for this dress is now available HERE.

I have been dying to share these photos and now that Cindy's party is over I can finally show and tell one of the big projects I was working on. 

And if you are wondering, the party was amazing.  We were so blessed and everything was just perfect!!!  Party pictures are to come in the next few days.

But on to the party dress.  I made this dress a few weeks back and it was inspired by this dress I found on google months back.  I loved the polka dots and the shape of it, but the one I found was too over the top for my taste .  I searched high and low but could not find a pattern for the life of me to match it so I just created my own.  If I knew how, I would write a pattern for this fun dress but maybe sometime in the future!

Isn't it adorable!  I love the bow in the back!  The skirt is a circle skirt, which is soooo much easier to sew than a ruffled skirt.  I used the tutorial from Dana Made it.  I added the fur trim and to make it even more poofy, I added the tutu underneath.

I just love this dress!   I thought about selling it after the party but it is so darn cute I don't think I can part with it.  Here are the pictures of Cindy Lynn wearing it for her 1 year photos.  This one has to be one of my favorites.

 And who could resist that sweet smile?!

Just look at that little face and those little teeth!

Words can't describe the love I have for this little one!

And most recently, it isn't pictures without her finding and playing with pine cones.

She was such a trooper this day.  It was so windy and her dress kept blowing over.  Then her crazy mom tried to add props like balloons into the picture.  Sadly it didn't work.

I also tried putting her in a basket and as you can see, she was not amused!

 And I have to give a big and very special thanks to cousin Krista because these pictures wouldn't have happened without her!  You are awesome! 

I love this dress so much that I know different variations of it will be showing up in the future.  And who knows, maybe a tutorial too.


  1. Ohhh my goodness, she is absolutely adorable!
    Makayla's birthday is in June... I might have to hire you to make her a dress lol!! Oh so stinkin' cute!

  2. This dress is beautiful and the little lady is absolutely adorable modeling it.

  3. How did you do the top? I see you used the circle skirt tutorial but I can't find anything on how to add the top part!!!

  4. This is sooo cute , deff. Gonna make it for my lil girl


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