Dr. Suess Lollipops and Cupcake Toppers Make it Cozee: Dr. Suess Lollipops and Cupcake Toppers

Dr. Suess Lollipops and Cupcake Toppers

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Okay so they aren't really Dr. Suess lollipops... they are swirl pops that I got at downtown LA, 12 for $7!!  What a steal and I know the kiddos will love them at the party.  The only problem with them is they had this ugly yellow sticker on them that said Carnival. Ick.  So, I turned them into character pops.

I scanned in a few images from different Suess books we have, edited them a little so the color pops more, and then printed them out.  A free printable will be available at the end of the post.
I used my slice and handy dandy EK paper punchers, added a red ribbon and WALA personalized lollipops.  I couldn't help it, I had to put the cartoon Cindy Lynn on them too.  It is her birthday after all.

And I just couldn't stop there.  I made the images smaller, printed them out and made some cupcake toppers!  I cut 2.5 inch scallops with my slice and used my paper puncher to cut the pictures into scallops.  Place glue on the colored scallops, put a lollipop stick down, then place the picture on top.  

Easy peasy.  In just a few minutes you have a whole lot of them.

So if you want to make some cupcake toppers or use these printable characters for something else, click HERE to download the full image.  Be sure to choose the largest size so that you have good resolution on the print.  If you want the PDF version I charge $1 via paypal, just email me.

And for those of you who only read my blog to see my cute  almost one year old, well here is a picture of her opening a birthday gift she got in the mail today from our friend Kim [Thanks Auntie Kim!!!].  Her very first pair of Tiny Toms and she loves them!
Don't they just look darling on her little itty bitty feet?!

We even took them for a spin.  And hey I just realized her sweater is all colorful like the swirl pops hehe.  Okay random but I had to say it.