Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr. Seuss Thank You Cards

Okay I know I said I was going to stop talking about Cindy's party but I have one last thing and I promise after this I am done.  I had to wait awhile to share because I wanted to be sure everyone got their thank you cards before I posted them online.

So to save on cost again I used vista print to print the thank you cards.  I had the design finished three weeks prior to the party and therefore I got them for $10... for 100 post cards!  Yup, you can read more about that deal HERE.   After all the cards I had to send out, that was a steal.  Here is the design...

And here is how it actually came out. On the back, I designed it to be like a post card with the address lines, and a place to write.  I also put my favorite quote from the Happy Birthday to you book.  Plus,  they only cost 33 cents to send out.   What can I say, I love saving money.

So, do you remember the graphics I did for the Hungry Caterpillar party?  Well, Erin gave me the honor of designing her thank you cards too, which she printed at Walmart as photos. They came out so cute I have to share!  He is such a handsome little man!!!  I just love that picture!

Since we are on the subject of birthdays, did you know it is Dr. Seuss's Birthday on Friday?!  I wish I wasn't so busy packing so I can really get into it but I didn't realize that we have accumulated oodles and oodles of junk.  I just want to get it all done so I can relax next week.

But to give those of you who have older kids  here are some fun and free activity pages.  Click on the links below to get the full size of each image. [Click Actions, View all Sizes, and download the size you want].

And feel free to pin the printables.
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  1. I think you'll get more people finding your blog if you correct the spelling of Dr. Seuss.

  2. There are so many ways on how to say thank you for birthday wishes but saying what comes form the hearts will still be the best. Thanks for sharing these samples!


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