Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fun Filled Birth-DAY

It really is hard to believe that a year [and about three hours ago] ago today I gave birth to this precious baby girl.  Oh my goodness how time goes so fast!  I can hardly believe that she is already ONE!  

I know her ginormous party is on Saturday but I wanted to be sure to celebrate her birthday on the actual day, and so we did.  We woke up, had breakfast, and I made her some balloon animals hehe.  That is a giraffe on a leash in case you were wondering. 
It has been a family tradition that I decorate for any birthday person currently in the house so after some balloon fun we decorated and she had to help!  Who knew ripping paper could be so fun.

After a nap we got ready and invited Auntie Neen to come to the park with us to run around [one of Cindy's favorite things to do]. 

We had so much fun!

She loves being chased, and as soon as she knows I am coming to get her, she gets sooo excited!  I just love to hear her laugh!

After that I was wiped out hehehe!  Boy she has a lot of energy!

But I just love my sweet baby girl!  I can't get enough of those kisses!
We ended the trip with some yummy ice cream from the ice cream man and....
When we got home, she was surprised with balloons from grandpa.  She loved them!!!

And a cupcake from Grandma. Boy oh boy she sure is spoiled!   She couldn't even wait for us to sing to her, all she wanted was a taste of that sweet yummy frosting!

Now I know I usually post her monthly pictures but because she is wearing her party dress it will have to wait! 

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet little princess.  You have no idea how much mommy and daddy love you! 


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