Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Hour

Linking up with Mamarazzi again this week to share my Happy list.
Happy hour at Sonic makes me happy.  Between two and four I can get a slush for half the price [which means I usually can get a regular instead of a small and it's only a buck saaa-weet!].
And of course Sonic slushes make me so happy.  I drive by Sonic all the time since it is right next to Walmart and wondered if it was good.  I finally stopped to try a lime slush and from them I have become an addict.  I crave it all the time and it is my new coffee/Starbucks fix.  I think the people at Sonic know me already.

Funny faces from this little cutie makes me so happy.  She is quite the character and when we visited with the best first grade teacher I know, my heart just melted seeing her sit at a desk and holding a pencil. 

Yesterday it was snowing and raining but as I was driving home I noticed that all the flowers and buds on the trees are starting to blossom.  That means spring is right around the corner and that made me so happy!  I love springtime!

Not many of you may feel this way but packing makes me happy.  It means soon I will be home... soon I will be with my husband, and soon we will be a family.  I am so excited I can't help but squeal.
And lastly, thanks to Mamarazzi I found my replacement to picnik.  It is still new but everything is exactly the same.  No re-learning, yeay!   I clipped the site right away.

Yup, that is it.  Now what makes you happy?


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  1. yay for iPiccy i am so excited! Packing for all the right reasons makes me happy too. congrats on having your family together, most def something to be happy about!

    thanks for linking up this fabulous list!!


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