Saturday, February 18, 2012

Learning to Spell in the Tub

Shesh I have been so busy doing so many things I am exhausted!! Getting everything together to head back to Germany is a lot of work. I mailed my first two boxes back home today and I got really excited. I miss my little home so much I think I will hug all of my furniture when I get back. Of course I look forward to being a wife again the most. I can't wait to take care of my hubby!

Anywhoo, I had to share this for all my mamas out there. I wish I came up with this on my own but I didn't. I was at TJ Maxx with my mom when I saw these foam letter that were meant for the tub and I had to have them for Cindy. They were only $3 so it was worth it.  What a great new bath toy!!  Plus, what a fun way for her to learn her ABC's and how to spell her name.

The letters just need a little water to stick to the walls.  They don't even slide, they just stick up there like magnets and Cindy loves it.

When she is older, I can give her a few letters at a time and she can guess what word it makes.  Or how funny would it be if I put a little message for my hubby before he hopped in the shower. 

I am pretty sure any foam letters will work for the tub but these were nice because they are smaller than the ones I have at home.  We just love it!!

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  1. so cute! you should try drawing with shaving cream she would probably love it :)


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