Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Dr. Suess Fun

I am back for more and if my weekend wasn't so crazy.... I would have shared sooner.  But we are one week away and I am getting a little excited to have my tv watching after Cindy goes to bed nights back.  Anywhoo I have a whole lot more to share so stay tuned as Dr. Suess takes over my blog [for a little while longer]!

I first want to share this really fun topiary cousin Krista and I made for Cindy's candy buffet [which will be put together thanks to my cousin from Sweet Boutique Candy Buffets].  Just look at all those yummy Dum Dums!

W e plan on displaying the topiary and his twin on each end up high.  I made it happen inexpensively with one roll of wrapping paper.  I also used this wrapping paper on the cupcake stand and even the birthday banner.

I found this print at party city and used that clearance ribbon to put around it.  The perfect little box for the topiary.

Another great Suess-y find for me was at the teacher supply store where I go the Cat in the Hat cut outs and Krista found these fish at Micahels. 

The fish were perfect for these tiny swirly vases.  I made them the same way I made the furry poms.  I glued them to the floral wire, wrapped the white floral tape around the wire, and then put a piece of card stock on the back to cover the wire.

 They go adorably with these fishbowls that I got at the dollar store.   I covered the fishbowls with some furry stuff and on the day of the party, there will be real fish in there.   I thought it would be so fun for the kids.  

The fish actually look cute all in a row too!  I just love these little fishes.

Now the cut outs were also used on the centerpieces that I showed in the previous post.  I made more of them using these plastic tubs I got from Target for $1.  Those metal tins are expensive and if my cousin didn't have them for me to borrow, I probably would have just bought a bunch of these plastic tubs.

So here is the how to as promised.  You take floral foam [which is super cheap].  Cut it so it fits tightly in the container.

I cut out big number ones out of the leftover card stock from the banner.  One for the front, one for the back.  Place the backside down, put glue on the dowel and place it on the number one.  Then, glue around the paper and place the top portion.

Once that is finished, glue on the embellishments, stick the dowel in the foam, and cover the foam with tulle or even candy.

It only take a few minutes and with a little elbow grease, you can have a super cute centerpiece!


  1. Cindy's party is going to be so cute!!! can't wait to see it all put together

  2. this is ADORABLE!! i am totally going to make this for the next kid party i have to attend, it makes a fun gift too!!

  3. my sons birthday party is march 31. i would love to buy this from you if you would sell it?!? i am not a creative person at all! i love this! please email me at or respond here. also i am on facebook heather green!

    any items you would sell i would more than likely buy! let me know! thanks!

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