Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wedding Favor Tags with my Crop a Dile

Not sure if you noticed, but I have crossed over into the dark side and am now a Pinterest addict.  I bet you are too!!  My sister told me about it forever ago but I just recently got with the trend and I love it!  You can see my boards by clicking on the link on the right side bar.

Anywhoo,  I love Pinterest so much I have to limit myself to ten minutes a day or I would seriously spend hours browsing.  I love pinning but since I have started building up my boards I wondered, am I really going to do these?  I would hate to waste my time pinning and not doing so I have decided that once a week,  I will be recreating one of my pins.   Let's call it....
Pin it And Do it Friday. 
  Okay so it isn't Friday anymore but lets just pretend it is.  For my first pin it and do it,  I wanted to share these wedding favor tags that I did for my friend Kathryn who is getting married next week!  Here is the pin on her board.  Isn't that pin gorgeous?  I tried my very best to recreate it using a font she chose and these little puppies will be paired with a burlap bag of chocolate covered espresso bean yummy!

The details that stood out to me on the pin was the textured paper, the gorgeous color, and the metal eyelets.  I just had to have all three in the mix.  I have never used eyelets before but thanks to google I found my new favorite toy!!  Meet my Crop a Dile.  It is cheaper at Joann's than Michaels by about 4 dollars and with my 40% off coupon I walked away with this beauty for $17.  Score!!  

It is an all in one, meaning it hole punches and does the eyelets.  No need for different tools, hammering, twisting or any of that.  Definitely worth the extra $10 I spent.  It even does two sized hole punches!!  Let me give you a close up.  The setter swivels so you can do different sized eyelet and even gromlets!  AHHH I love it!  And did I mention it can punch through plastic, metal, fabric, and even wood?! I already have a few projects where this tool will come in handy dandy.
I know I sound like an advertiser for them but I don't get any money for promoting, I just really love this product! 

Okay the commercial break is over, lets get back to the labels.  I printed on both sides and the font I used is called Kings.  I cut and glued the pieces together.  Yup all 250 of them [the picture is only about 50].

Now let me show you how easy it is to punch the eyelet in!  Since I am doing a little eyelet I punched with the 1/8th side.

You are suppose to put the eyelet in the hole but I am a rebel and I like to place the eyelet in the tool.  Turn the paper upside down so the pretty side of the eyelet will show and then push down to set it.

It is so easy and it only takes seconds!  I love it!!!  Before you know it, you have a ton of cute little tags. 

The Crop a Dile is amazing but nothing in this world is perfect.  My only disappointment with it is that it doesn't set sewing snaps... That would have been so cool to be able to use this tool for both paper and sewing crafts but I can't.  It is still a favorite though.  

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  1. love it and love pinterest (and I'm really impressed with your ability to limit to 10 minutes)!! I'm totally down to start a weekly pin it do it link up with you if you were at all interested. I have done a few things so far but haven't put anything up but wouldn't mind :)


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