Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bead Case as a Hair Tie Organizer

Anytime I can be, I try to stay as organized as possible.  Whether that happens is another issue on its own.  In the next few weeks we will be doing some traveling therefore, lots of organization is required especially with those pesky little accessories.  Plastic is my solution.

Cindy's hair is finally long enough to put in pig tails and those little hair ties are oh so tiny.  I realized you can put them in a pill case or I found these bead cases at Walmart for a $1 and they are perfect!

 It keeps it nice and organized and color coded.  It is a little bulky for me to be carrying around everywhere so I usually throw a few hair ties in my wallet in case we lose one.

Now when we came to Cali she was on formula and I was using these formula travel tupper ware and they were really handy.  Well, now that I am not using them anymore I didn't want them to go empty in my suitcase so I found something perfect to fit inside.  I put all my earrings in this one and it seriously works out perfectly.

And in the smaller one I put all of my bobby pins.  Perfect fit and so much easier than a plastic baggie, which is what I was using before. 

I love getting creative when organizing and reusing things I already have.  For other organizing ideas you can also check out my Organization Board on Pinterest.


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