Chillaxin [Happy List] Make it Cozee: Chillaxin [Happy List]

Chillaxin [Happy List]

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Linking up this week with Mamarazzi to share my happy list.  

After such a busy few weeks I am super happy that I have some time to relax.  I like to think of it is as the calm before the next storm.  I am really enjoying our carefree, no obligation, relaxing days.

Relaxing walks makes me so happy.  I just love the houses in the East Coast!  They are gorgeous.

Trips to the park and watching this little one explore makes me so happy.  

Painting my nails makes me happy.  I haven't fully committed to the all green nails for Saint Patricks day yet but I have gotten use to it so I think I will.

I couldn't help it but I painted Cindy's toes to match mine.  I love these little wiggly toes!  They make me happy. 

What is on your Happy List this week?