Thursday, March 15, 2012

FAIL on my Orange Candle

I saw this candle made from an orange on pinterest and thought it would be really cool to try.  What a great way to recycle the orange peel!  So, I tried it and I failed.  I did everything I was suppose to.  I cut the orange in half [well if we are getting technical it would be 3/4 and a 1/4], I took out the insides leaving the center thingy for the wick, cut a little hole on the top portion, and filled it with olive oil.  

It was all good until I tried to light it.  I used like 5 matches trying but no such luck!! I think I didn't let the orange dry out enough since I washed it.  Plus I think I need one of those hand lighters that keep the flame going with one push of a button.  Has anyone tried this and have any pointers?  

Oh well I guess...  All I know is, Mr. Orange we shall meet again and I hope to have better luck next time. 


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