Friday, March 9, 2012

Glitter Polish Obsession [Pin it and Do it]

It has been such a wild and crazy week for me, hence the lack of blogging.  I was so busy visiting with family one last time, packing, and getting everything ready for our our transition back to Germany.  All to come in a future post.  We are no longer in Cali and now relaxing and trying to beat the time change in Virginia.

Even though we have been super busy I didn't want to miss Pin it and Do it Friday.  This week, I am sharing my new obsession.... glitter polish.  When I first started pinterest I was not only pinning do it yourself projects but also outfit, hair and nails.  It helped give me the jump start and inspiration to start painting my nails again, something I hadn't really done a ton since Cindy was born.  Check out this fun glitter polish I got for $1!
Pin It

For my going away gift, my sister bought be four glitter polishes because of this new obsession.  I can't wait to try them!  This was inspired by this pin found on my My Style board.
Fun isn't it?  I also love the new fad of painting something funky on just one finger because all glitter nails is just too much for my taste. 

I have also been pinning outfits for our upcoming family vacation.  I am so excited and am counting down the days!  Where we are going??? Well, it's a secret but you will find out soon enough.  Aren't these outfits so fun!?  I love the shorts in the first two outfits, loving the wedges for this spring, and the red cardigan with that bag are so mine!!  Sometimes I go through this bumming it mode and seeing things like this just inspire me to dress a little nicer!

So what are you pinning these days or obsessing about?


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