Friday, March 2, 2012

Housewarming Party Ideas [Pin it and Do it]

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So last Sunday we had a housewarming party for my cousin Krista who now lives in the most adorable little condo.  We had a week to plan, prep and get things together and we pulled it off.  It came out really nice and most of the inspiration came from good ol' pinterest.

So, this Pin it and Do It Friday will be all about the housewarming party.  I have added the pin it button under each picture to make it super easy to pin a picture if you wish.

Lets start with the buffet table we set up.   Didn't it come out so cute?!  Not to shabby for only having a week to plan.  We kept the menu super simple since were on a time crunch,  Costco and homemade sides.  The recipe for the cherry cheese pies on the crate can be found HERE.
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I was a bridesmaid for a wedding the day before so I snagged some of the flowers to add to the table. They were the perfect detail!  The florist did an amazing job.

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And, it isn't a party without some pom poms and a banner.  The tutorial for the poms can be found HERE

Okay and for me, it isn't a party without cupcakes [especially the Von's .50 yummy yum yum ones].  I made some cupcake toppers, tutorial found HERE with the same prints as the banner.  If you want this printable you can find it HERE.
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We didn't want to get too many cupcakes so we filled up the cupcake stand with little tangerines in cupcake cups.  
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Now onto the pinspiration!   There isn't much for housewarming parties on pinterest but as soon as I saw these fun utensil holders I knew I had to make them!  Aren't they the cutest?!   I got a ton of paint swatches from Home Depot, sewed them together, and slipped everything inside.   We put them in a nice caddy along with the cups.
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I pinned this awhile back and have been dying to try it.  To keep the drinks cool, you fill balloons with water and freeze them.  Then you can throw them in with the drinks.  We also tried to remove the balloon rubber and inside was this ice sphere. We ended up throwing the ice with the lemonade [and no it didn't smell or taste like rubber like we thought it would].
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We set up a nice little drink station right on the counter.  

So there you have it.  A nice little housewarming party pinterest style.  Congrats on the new place cousin! [And now isn't this gift just darling!]
Now it's your turn to share.  What did you Pin and Do this week?

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  1. you are too much! love the mini crate stand for the mini cheesecakes. Seriously, you have a gift in party decorating/planning. Congrats Krista!


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