Friday, March 16, 2012

Over the Rainbow Cupcakes [Pin it and Do it]

Is it Friday already?  Wow time is flying, but I really don't mind. Did you see the pins from last week?  My friend Jeanine posted a DIY fringe scarf and Bre shared a DIY braided headband.  Very cute ladies.

For this week I wanted to do something for St. Patrick's Day.  It came down to the shamrock cupcakes or the rainbow ones and I chose the easier ones..... rainbow. You can find them both on my Kiss Me I'm Irish board.

Didn't they come out adorable?!?  I made them during nap time and since Cindy woke up right in the middle of the process the pictures are limited.
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I wish I could tell you I made them from scratch, but I am not in my own kitchen and I have a one year old who is a mover and shaker.  I resorted to the boxed stuff.  I like the Duncan Hines cake mix, used one can of the whipped frosting, and food coloring.

To start, I made the batter according to the box and split it into four equal bowls.

I then added a different color into each bowl.  Pretty isn't it?!
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Now the messy part.  Depending on how you serve them, layer each color [I will explain later].  I started with a small spoonful of blue and spread it out in the baking up.  Then plopped a spoonful of green right in the center and then gently spread it to cover the blue.  You get the idea.  It got a little messy because I was doing this and entertaining Cindy all at once.  No easy task folks.

Bake them, let the cupcakes cool, and plop some frosting on top.  To create the cloud like plop, I put the frosting in a ziplock bag, cut a huge hole in one of the corners and piped it on top.  My hands were full so no picture.

When you cut the cupcake in half and flip it over it really looks like a rainbow with a cloud underneath.  If you serve them like this, you will want to invert the layers when filling the cupcake cups... red, yellow, green, then blue.
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And in case you were wondering, the taste tester loved them! [Hehe and she even has her dress up jewelry on].

I just love how fun these are and will be making them again for sure!!  You can pin each individual picture or the process below.
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And.... I was feeling extra festive and thanks to all of your encouraging comments I was bold enough to paint all my nails green.  Fun stuff!
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!
What did you Pin and Do this week?


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