Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Hair Bow Holder [Pin it and Do it]

There are a million tutorials out there on the web for how to make one of these and if you have a daughter with a million hair bows, it is a must.  I have a few pinned on my DIY board like this one or that one.  I especially love this one with the hooks to hang headbands!  You can really get creative and not have to spend a ton of money to make one, just use what you already have!  I made this for about three bucks!  One day,  I will make her a really really nice one but this will do for now.

How, you might ask... well the hubby had an old white board he wasn't using so instead of getting a canvas or frame I just covered that.  We bought these curtains when we were putting together her nursery from Ikea and they were super de duper long so I had a ton of left over fabric when I hemmed them.  Plenty to use for this project.  

I undid the trim, cut here and there and turned it into something completely different.  The only thing I bought was some red and white checkered ribbon.  Not exactly my first choice when it comes to colors for a girl, but the doc was so unsure she was going to be a girl that I had to keep things neutral.  It still came out pretty cute though.

So, put your thinking cap on, grab what you have and get creative!  

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