Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Floral Arrangement

Keeping it kind of short and sweet today with some reminiscing because I have been super busy spring cleaning wondering when I got so much furniture!  It's not easy moving everything around to get those dust bunnies that have been hiding away all year. 

Anywhoo, onto the sharing so I can get back to work.  Thanks to cousin Krista, I was inspired to do an Easter floral arrangement.  How could I not when these flowers only cost $2.70 and about $5 for the entire arrangement.  I am not a florist but I had fun with this one.  I am actually really happy with how it came out too. 

I just used the peeps from the S'mores and some jelly beans I got for another project I will share another day.  First a layer of peeps, then I put the flowers in and held them in place, filled with jelly beans, then another layer of peeps. 

So go out there and get inspired!  I did thanks to this picture sent to me of the floral arrangements Krsita did for her housewarming party using Yankee Candle jars instead of vases.

I just love flowers and these tulips bring back happy memories of our family trip to Holland last year.  It is by far my favorite place so far.  Rows and rows of gorgeous flowers indoors.  Beautiful outdoor gardens and fields of flowers.  We even went to this exhibit where they did scenes with flowers.  This was one of my faves.

And it isn't Holland without gorgeous gigantic wind mills!

So are you feeling inspired yet?  Just go for it and do some decorating or even a fun floral arrangement.  


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