Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finger Paint Post Cards

I am on vacation [yeay] so I'm going to make this a quickie.  We live really far from family and though there is internet I am a lover of snail mail.  I still try to get post cards from places we visit and send them home.  And who doesn't love getting mail?

So, just an idea.  I used Cindy's finger painting creation to make that paper Easter egg, but also to create post cards.  It's something nice for the grandparents to get and hang up on the fridge.  A little something just from her.

Something that she actually made for them... When she is doing this, I just hold up the little post card for her to paint on.

They are actually water color post cards that look like this.  You can get a pack of 15 from amazon for about $7 HERE.  I got them as a hand me down [score! thanks Auntie Marlaine].  I am sure it is just as easy to make your own post card, just cut some card stock.  I know you can just mail a regular piece of paper but this is much more fun for me plus it is cheaper to mail.  When you are mailing out a few of these those cents add up fast. 


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