Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunnies and Chicks made from Oreos

I know I said this last time but I seriously will try to make this a quick one.  Spring cleaning and a motivation to decorate has taken over my life.

I had all these crafts for Easter to do and I was really excited about this one.  Unfortunately, they did not come out as cute as I had envisioned.  I hate when that happens!  Oreo chicks and bunnies.  Still cute though and would look adorable wrapped with some ribbon in an Easter basket.

I do have some excuses for why didn't didn't end up as cute as THESE ones I pinned.  1. I couldn't find any big white marsh mellows, only pink ones.  2. I couldn't find any pink sprinkles.  [The commissary is limited].  3. I used white chocolate chips instead of candy melts [big mistake].  Candy melts is so much smoother. 

Anywhoo, I just melted the chocolate and coated the cookie really well leaving it on wax paper to dry.  

For the chick, I colored the chocolate yellow and I made the beak from orange melted chocolate.

Okay so the white chocolate isn't as smooth as candy melts so I turned them over and used the smooth side for the face. 

The ears were made by cutting the marsh mellow diagonally.  the sticky part is on top and if you have sprinkles, you can place them on top.  The bunny nose is a jelly bean and the eyes are dots from brown food coloring.  The chick eyes are Oreo crumbs.  All the pieces are placed on using melted glue. 

Next year I am going to try to bunny cookies!  Are you working on anything for Easter?


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