Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recipe: Aunt Coleen's Chicken Sandwich

When I was in Virginia, Aunt Coleen made this amazing chicken sandwich and it is going to be a regular lunch option for us.  I love it, the hubby loves it, and it is healthy [thanks Auntie]!  She put it on this super good wheat bread but I couldn't find it... Oh well.  Doesn't it look so good anyways?  

Here are all the yummy, fresh and healthy ingredients you need, I don't measure, I just add how much of each depending on how much I like it:

Mush the avacado and add a teensy bit of salt.  Spread it on the bread [I like lots].

I used canned chicken in water but you can use left over chicken or rotisserie chicken.  Add mayo and all the healthy goods, plop on top and pair with some fruit.  YUM!  Good to the last bite!  Sure beats the plain ol' chicken sandwich.


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