Monday, April 30, 2012

Recipe: Banana Ice Cream

I'm back!!!! From vacation that is and as great as it was I am happy to be back to the real world.  We had a wonderful time in ..... well I'll share more on that soon.  During those two weeks, I truly did miss blogging and crafting.  I feel like I am behind on everyone's to-do's.  I'll catch up though.

Since it's just day one of being in the real world I am going to make this a quick one.  This recipe is ridiculously EASY, there are many ways to give it pizzazz, it taste so close to ice cream, and great for the babies and health nuts!  Cindy can eat a whole banana if I give it to her in the form of ice cream.  She is most definitely my daughter.

All you need are some ripe bananas.  One is usually enough for her.  YUP that is it!  You will want them more ripe than these ones though. 

Peel, chop, place in a bowl and freeze.  Once frozen, give them time to defrost enough that you can break them apart.  Place it in a food processor [or blender I guess], and let it rip.  It will get all crumbly like so.

Mix it up a bit until it comes together and starts looking like ice cream.  It tastes just like ice cream and  it is really good.  Just make sure your bananas are really ripe. 

 You can add some chocolate, Nutella, nuts, brownies, make an ice cream sandwich.  You get the idea.      Don't just take my word for it, go try it! 

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