Friday, April 13, 2012

Sun Painting [Pin it and Do it]

Now that Cindy is old enough to actually sit for a few minutes and learn, my teaching gene has kicked into full gear.  I have been busy setting up her "classroom", downloading ipad apps, and pinning all sorts of educational thing.  I don't plan on home schooling, but I do want to teach her as much as possible before she starts pre-school.

Along with learning we need to have some fun too right?!  So along with the educational things you can find on my I <3 to Teaching board, I also pin some fun crafty things on my Baby Craft board.  We have a ton of windows in our house so I thought Sun Painting would be a fun one for her to do.  

You just put paint in a giant zip lock and tape it down to the window.  I didn't have anymore big bags so I used three little bags. Then you let them go for it.

As you can see, Cindy was getting really into it and slapping the bags haha.

It's a really easy activity, really fun, and if you have older toddlers you can even write letters in the paint.  Or, this would be a fun way to talk about mixing colors to crate new colors or do the colors of the rainbow.  Something we will be doing again for sure.

  So what have you been working on from pinterest?  Link up or send me your photos!!!

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