Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mommy Day to all you mamas out there! I have gone through this hermit phase and all I really want to do is stay home.  It's probably a side affect from our recent travels but this year, no hotels, no sight seeing, and the hubby kept it simple. And I got what a Mom really wants.  It was PERFECT.

I got to sleep in while he watched the little monster and he took me on  shopping spree. OH YEA! Yup a day for me to be frivolous and buy whatever my heart desires.  This time my heart desired lots of kitchen-y things.  I haven't really bought much for our kitchen because we got 90% of what we needed from our wedding.  With my recent desire to cook it was so fun to buy all these kitchen goodies I just had to share my two favorite purchases.

The first, are these ADORABLE tins from good ol Martha Stewart.  I love the quality and the design of most of her products.  I have always wanted vintage tins and these were perfect.  The lid has this seal, which is a nice big modern day plus.  I love the size and the colors match my kitchen perfect.  Definitely a splurge on my part because I would normally never spend $12 [a pop] on tins.  They sell $14.99 retail without tax so I feel justified because I saved money hehe.  Once I got them situated I knew it was worth it.

My second absolute fave fave fave is my new Calphalon 10 inch pan.  I am in love.  Our 10 inch non stick is starting to peel and though I love it's powder blue exterior, it was tine for it to retire.  This was the best gift to give a mama like me.  I got it for $35 which is $14 cheaper than on amazon so I am happy.  I'm a Calphalon believer now and my next non stick cookware set is going to have to come from them even though it cost almost $500.  It's worth it to me! [That is yummy Chicken Parmigiana cooking oh so very nicely].

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day as well!  


  1. Don't feel bad about spending $500 on a set of pots, Patty!! Mine were about $200-$300 A PIECE!! I've got about 10 of them (all different kinds), been cooking in them for 6 years and they still look brand new. Wouldn't change them for anything ;)

    1. Maybe you can help me talk the hubby into it ;-) ;-) I figure the more I cook the better I get, the more he will be willing to invest hehehe :-D

  2. Get one pan at a time. and get what you want. Glad you had a fantastic Mother's Day!


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