Friday, May 11, 2012

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups [Pin it and Do it]

Because I have been doing so much cooking and baking, it is only fitting that this post be a recipe, right?  I saw this pin about making your own fruit roll ups with real fruit [found on my kiddy food board] and I knew I had to try it.  Looks pretty good huh? [But I have to admit I like the sugar filled fruit roll ups better].  But for Cindy this is perfect and she loves it.

It is just dehydrated fruit.  My mom use to have a dehydration machine to do this kind of stuff [I used the oven] and they actually still sell them on amazon! HA!  I probably won't be making these often because it takes all day in the oven to dehydrate and for one batch that isn't worth it.  Plus, if we had a Trader Joe's I would just buy the 100% fruit strips and they taste just about the same.

You can make these from fresh, dried, or frozen fruit and use a variety of combos.  I did fresh strawberries and banana and I tried frozen raspberries and banana.  Both really yummy.  You heat fruit up in a pot until it gets mushy like so.  Run it through a blender if you want to speed the mushing process.

Then you lay it flat on parchment paper.  Don't spread it too thin because it shrinks down so much!  [This one is raspberry and banana].

Cook it at 140 degrees for 5-8 hours leaving the oven slightly vented to let the moisture out.  I used a kitchen towel to leave the oven door slightly open.  

When it isn't sticky or squishy anymore it is done.  I checked on mine every few hours or so.  It's one of those set it and forget it deals.  Take it out of the oven and TADA fruit roll ups!  Cut and roll in wax or parchment while it is still warm.  Check out the blog Love You Madly for more fruit combinations. 

So what have you been working on from Pinterest? 


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