Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Get Wild

So you know that book I am reading [What a Husband Needs from his Wife], the book inspired this trip.  One of the practical examples of loving a husband was to plan something for the family.  My hubby is amazing.  He always does all the planning and takes care of everything when we take a trip.  I decided to give him a day off on being the acitivy cordinator and plan an itty bitty trip.

I heard about this Wild Park really close to us, set the date, packed a picnic, and got the direction.  We had a blast!  It was so much fun.  I think of it as a German safari.  You pretty much drive on this dirt road and stop to feed all these different animals. 
Some of the animals couldn't wait to be fed and came straight up to the car. This one was giving me the eye.

It was such a neat experience for the little one.  She was fearless.  She would feed the animals and even pet some of them.  By the end of the drive she was playing right up next to the deer and trying to ride the llamas.

I love the zoo, but being there with the animals in the wild was a different expereince.  I have now added an African Safari to my bucket list!   My favorite part of the entire trip was feeding the deer.  They would eat the food right out of your hand!  Just amazing [coming from this California who has never seen deer that close before].

So gorgeous!

At the end of the tour they had this huge play area with everything and my favoritest part were these extra springy trampolines.  I felt like a kid again jumping from one trampoline to the next, swinging on the swings, and using Cindy as an excuse to go on the slides.  It was just a llama fun! 


  1. I laughed when that one guy came up to the window! Hilarious. We need one of those here...looked like so much fun! And African Safari?....I'm coming with you.

  2. she did a great job. wish i could get mine to be more into scrapbooking. more adorable photos. thanks for sharing.

  3. looks like so much fun, Patty! Where is it?


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