Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Challenge May 21-27

I had a lot of fun with the photo challenge this week. Not only in taking the pictures but mainly with editing them.  I let myself free and edited the pictures the way I wanted to funky or plain.  This was also a fun week for us since the weather was nice it was a treat to take these pictures.  If you want to join, you can get the list from Fat Mum Slim.

May 21:  Where you stand.  This is where I stand, looking out the window in our living room.

May 22:  Pink.  Pink fuzzy baby blanket from our picnic at the park.

May 23:  Technology.  Borrowing daddy's ipad.

May 24:  Something New.  Love, la love the necklaces I got for my birthday [thanks cousin Krista!]

May 25:  Unusual.  [Okay so I took this on the 26th, but it was perfect for this day].  It's a llamonkey [llama and donkey mix I think] from our trip to the wild park.

We had quiet a busy week last week.  Hoping this week is less eventful and more craft-ful.


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