Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Turkey Panini with Bell Peppers and Mushrooms

It's nap time, the house is actually clean so I though it would be the perfect time to share a yummy recipe. 
When I don't cook a big breakfast I usually make a big lunch.  I have really been into making non traditional sandwiches.  This one is yummy and hubby approved!  I don't have a panini or quesdilla maker yet but that hasn't stopped me!  This is also a great one to help use up those small amount of left over veggies you have [bell peppers and mushrooms was what I was trying to rid of].

So here is what is in the sandwich:
Roasted bell peppers
slices of turkey
 mushrooms sauteed in butter
a mix of mozzarella and freshly grated Parmesan

I don't know how to work the grill so I had to toasty the bell peppers in the oven.  You lay them on a baking sheet in the oven until they look like this.

Once toasty, place them in a zip lock and let the steam soften them up.

Then, butter the bread slices and spread ranch on the other.  Start layering.  Cheese then peppers, mushrooms, and meat [or however you want to do it].  Place the other slice on top and press down on the sandwich until it is flat.  Flip it and keep it on the pan until everything melts together.

 [Looks yummy doesn't it?  We love bell peppers!]

It was a lot more filling than I expected it to be but a really good sandwich.  I served it with carrots and ranch.  Good to the last bite!


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