Friday, May 18, 2012

Tutorial: Headband Holder [Pin it and Do it]

Okay so I wasn't such a fan of this when I first saw it and after I tried it anyways, I still don't really like it.  The one I pinned here is cute  but mine just looks a little off and it still looks like an oatmeal can.  I guess for now it will have to do until I can find another solution to hold her headbands.  At least it matches the adorable new bedding we just got her!

So for the base, I didn't have any cool candle sticks or anything like that and I sure didn't want to buy anything so I cleaned out the remaining wax from this candle cup, coated it with pink acyrlic paint from the stash, and let it dry.

Then I took the lid and spray painted it yellow.  As you can see from the finished product the yellow paint didn't last.  I ended up painting it over pink to match the base.  

Anywhoo, I cut the center out very carefully and traced it on scrap book paper. I cut it a little bigger than the tracing so that it doesn't fall right through the plastic rim.  

Then I glued it right on. 

I traced the length of the oatmeal can by laying it flat like so leaving about a 1/4 of an inch allowance and you will see why in a bit.

It took me two sheets of scrapbook paper.  Be sure to glue the two top corners first, then the sides, then the bottom.

The allowance is so you can fold the paper over on the bottom giving it a nice clean look.  

Then grab the base and glue it on in the center.

And in one nap time you can have a headband holder and recycle all at once!  It i s not a bad temporary home for her headbands and it does look sorta cute on her dresser right next to her very first finger painting.  Just a note that this can also be done using fabric.


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