Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make Felt Headbands

As promised, here is the tutorial for the felt headbands I made this week.  The pictures and quality are mediocre but I was rushed because I had to get this done in one nap time along with sweeping the house.  You will get the idea of how to do it.  Cute, right?!

Well the flower one you really have to cut precisely because felt is not at all forgiving.  I was in a rush as you can see.  For the yellow one, you cut a bunch of yellow flowers [trace it on the felt or free hand] and one circle for the base.
Then you start sewing.  Just remember that the bigger the base, the bigger the flower will be.  You kind of have to play with the flowers, move them around, and just see what looks best.  This one is not quiet finished but you get the idea. 
For the big one, you need a bunch of circles and one for the base.  It is usually best to use a base that is the same color as the flower.
I am going to use two different colors so you can see how it is put together.  You fold them in fourths and start sewing it to the base like so.  Then, sew another two on there until you have four petals.  After this, you just kind of place them where they look best. 
Move, fluff, wiggle, and keep sewing the petals on.  Before you know it, you will have one big fluffy flower!  Cut two green leaves and glue them onto the headband. 
The bow one is so much easier and can be done in a meer minutes.  All you need is one long rectangular strip and one thin rectangular piece.
Take each end and fold them to the middle.  I use a needle and thread because I have more control, but you can get away with using a glue gun.  Once you have it in place, sew through.  I sew a few times through and wind up the rest of the thread around, making it nice and tight. 
Now when I make headbands, I always glue the decorative piece onto the metal part.  I hate those metal parts. 
Once it is on there, glue the thin fabric rectangular piece in the middle. 

Flip it around, glue and trim.  Be sure to pull on this piece tight before you glue the second piece. 

 I also like to glue the ends down so they don't stick up when she wears them.

And there you have it, cute felt head bands!


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