Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a Husband Needs from His Wife

In the mornings after Cindy and I read together I have started reading a book for myself.  I haven't read a real book in a long time and I thought it wouldn't hurt for her to see me reading.  We have a ton of books on our shelf that I still haven't read, one of them being What a Husband Needs from His Wife by: Melanie Chitwood.
I bought this right before Randy and I got married [three years ago!], but I guess I was so caught up with graduating college, planning a wedding, and moving that I never even got past the first chapter.  Pathetic, right?!  Well, God knows because it wouldn't have been the right book for me to read back then.  It is the perfect book for me right now though. 

It doesn't say anything new but is a great reminder of those things we know.  I really enjoy the stories and excerpts from other books.  There were some things that stood out to me and I didn't have a highlighter so yup crayon it was.  True mark of a mommy right haha.  I love what this says.... so very true.
Thought I would share the quotes I marked in the book.  When you read these, remember that this book is about how we should treat our husbands [not how they should treat us]. If you don't like something, remember that it is just a quote and before you make judgments you need to read it in context.  These are the highlights from the first half of the book. 

"I need to make helping my husband a top priority before I help anyone else." 

"I do have the burden of being both parents to our children and running a household but I still enjoy being home.  My husband, however, has the burden of his work, plus the discomfort of being away from home and family."  [Very true, especially in a deployment].

"A marriage is not a joining of two worlds, but an abandoning of two worlds in order that one new one might be formed."

"A husband needs a wife who is forgiving not bitter."

"As a helper, one of my jobs is to help my husband in the role God created for him, one of leadership, protection, and provision for his family."

"Whatever a man chooses to do in his life he'll be successful.  Not because of how much money he makes or how many degrees he may acquire but because he has a woman who believes in him."

"A husband needs a wife who is content, not complaining."

"A wife's positive attitude can permeate her home like the sweet aroma of freshly picked flowers, or her negative attitude can pollute her home like stinky garbage."

"Teach your children to drop everything when daddy comes home so they can big him a big hug."

"God made us to be emotional, but not to be ruled by our emotions."   [Tough one for me].

"Take a time our for yourself before shouting ugly words."   [Yes, I have a time out corner].

"Our husbands are all grown up, but they still long for cheerleaders, not critics."

"Titus 2:4-5: "Encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands so that the word of God will not be dishonored."  Notice that loving our husbands comes first in this list of commands, thus showing its importance."  

A good book so far and something I can relate to for sure. Definitely one worth checking out.


  1. Oh, I should check this out! I've been reading lots of books about being a wife since I'm getting married this year. I just finished one called, "Becoming the Woman of His Dreams" and have decided I want to read more! :)

  2. Wow!! Thank you, Patty! I need to read this book! I love the quotes and I do agree with them, I guess I just never thought about them before! I guess Myles really loves me unconditionally because he has not once complained about my falling short with all of that, even after being married for this long! I'm going to have to get the book and read it!

  3. My favorite, "As a helper, one of my jobs is to help my husband in the role God created for him, one of leadership, protection, and provision for his family.". This is so important but also hard to remeber. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Oh, and "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" is another great one!


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