Monday, June 25, 2012

Battle of the Mind

Rememeber when I talked about wanting to get in shape [for life] about a month ago?  It hasn't been easy but I am serious about making excercising part of my lifestyle and not just a fad.  [And when I say excercise I mean the sweating, heart pounding, pushing my body kind of excercise.] 

 So, I set that first goal of ten minutes a week [my hubby and some of you might have scoffed] but I have stayed true to it.  I needed a goal that I could easily accomplish and the success really encouraged me to press on.  I realized that excercising is as much a battle of the mind as it is my body.  I have to mentally think that going for a run, putting on a 10 minute excercise video, or going to the gym is as important as doing the dishes, laundry, cooking, crafts.  Excercise needs time in my life.  I need to make it as much a priority as other things. 

One thing that has helped me is having a buddy.  One Sunday my hubby asked if we would like to go running with him.  I loathe running but Cindy and I went anyways. Yup, I put on my shoes and even though I could hardly run around the entire track once, I still tried.  The next Sunday we went by ourselves and I not only ran but he gave me a set of excercises to do [I hated the sit ups] that had me sore for days.

Now this Sunday I was on my own.  My workout buddy was busy and I had to decide whether I would go for a run and do my workout set alone.  Cindy was napping and it was my only chance.  I had a million excuses and other things to do.  Cleaning, crafts, napping.  It was a battle of the mind.  Deciding to go was harder to do than actually working out.  With some encouragement from my buddy, I ended up going and felt so good about it! 

I read that people who write their goals accomplish more than those who don't.  It's true.  I am pressing on my battle to making excercise part of my lifestyle by setting a new goal for the next few weeks.  Instead of 10 minutes a week, I am going to try to jog/walk 1 mile a week.  So, will you join me in setting a fitness goal?

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