Monday, June 4, 2012

Busy Monday

It has been crazy busy in our neck of the woods and partly because my little sister arrived to spend part of her summer with us.  She is awesome.  It is also busy because today is what I think of as busy Monday.  I usually spend the entire day cleaning and seriously I mean no computer no nothin.  Just givin the house some lovin.  I have a love hate with Monday's.  I love getting all the major chores done in one day so I can have more free time during the week.... plus the hubby gets to come home to a spotless house on his first work day.  I just hate doing it I guess.

Well, speaking of busy Monday, my Apple Cakes were featured in A Pinch of Joy's Busy Monday Link Party!  Such an honor, thanks Charlene.  Be sure to check out that awesome link party.

And to end the randomness of this Monday post, here are the photos I completely failed to finish from this weeks photo challenge.

May 29:  A number.  I hate that she loves to pull her mats apart but I refuse to get rid of them.

May 31:  Something beautiful.  A ton of these gorgeous wild flowers are growing in our back patio.  Love it!

June 2:  Empty.  Made an Ikea trip last week and got some of these lovely jars both big and small.  They were only 2.99!  I love the lids.

June 3:  On your plate.  I cheated.  This was on my plate this morning.  By my sister's request we had spam, eggs, and rice for breakfast with banana ketchup.  It's what we use to eat when we were kids.

Hope you all are enjoying your Monday! 


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