Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hair Inspiration [Pin it and Do it]

Ever get hairspired from Pinterest?  I love getting inspired pinning different outfits, nail designs, and of course hair.  Sometimes, they make it look so easy, and then I try it and it takes forever!  Well, one day when we were heading out, my sister and I did hair styles I got from Pinterst.

I am always looking for a fast up do especially on the days that I don't wash my hair. I leave yesterday's curls in and this hair style was perfect.  It is really easy and was a nice alternative to the regular pony I usually sport.  I got the idea for this style from this pin.  Hers came out much better so check out the how to.  I love the pins that come from this blog!  And don't you just love the dress I am going to have to steal from my sissy?

Of course the big trend now is the braid.  I wish I could do all those cool braided styles.  The only one I can successfully accomplish on myself is one plain regular french braid.  So, I had fun and did a side french braid for my sister sort of like this pin.

There are lots of fun fashiony things on Pinterest.  You can check out My Style board to see some of my faves.

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