Friday, June 8, 2012

Monogram Frames [Pin it and Do it]

Awhile ago I pinned these frames that were monogrammed and thought they would be perfect for my little Boo Bear's room.  Those were a bit too over the top for my simple taste so I made them to suit her room.  Aren't they darling [just ignore some of the pictures in the oval frame need to be reprinted]?

So I picked up some cheap old frames frames [for free!] from the airman's attic and spray painted them sun yellow.  This color is way too bright for my taste but it was the only yellow they had at the store.  I really need to just get over my fear and get some German spray paint. Note to self, painting when it is too cold causes crackling.  I am still learning how to paint.  

I punched the backs off of them to make it easier to hang and added some scrap book paper.

I cut the letters our with my slice, but they sort of started to blend into the background so I decided to give them a lift with some cardboard from a diaper box.  I traced and cut them the same shape as the letters.

I glued the letters on the paper and TADA simple monogrammed frames.  I really love this one that I hope to do in the future for our picture frame collage in the living room.  The collage currently only exists in my mind. 

Doesn't it look so cute hanging up in her room?  It is simple, cost me less than $5 to make.  Not too shabby. 


  1. the bright yellow is awesome!!!! good job on getting over your'd that go? =) I can't believe how much she's grown---those pics in the frame are cute!

  2. Saw this on linky party - what a great job - love the idea of using the cardboard to raise the letters so easy!

  3. I like the bright yellow -- cheerful and childlike! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy. Hope to see you again soon!


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