Monday, July 30, 2012

Matching Felt Shapes

Awhile ago I pinned this super awesome felt Christmas tree for Cindy and started thinking about different felt projects.  I of course will do the tree and then I thought about creating a felt board to do Bible stories, felt faces, felt food,.... oh the possibilities!  I started small and did felt shapes for her learning wall.  Please excuse my inability to cut evenly. 

It took a few mintues to cut and another minute to staple it to the wall.  Yup, in less than an hour we had a fun and interactive way for her to learn her shapes.

Now she can match the shapes and I try to talk about how many sides each one has and what objects are that shape.  That lasts about 30 seconds with her attention span, but I try.  The teacher in me can't help myself and I have pretty much turned her play room into a mini classroom.  All it took was some paper and she has a learning wall that is still a work in progress...

Paper is cheap, felt is cheap so get creative.  The color poms are super easy to make, I have a tutorial for poms here.  So for now that is all the felt I have but  I can pretty much gaurantee you will be seeing more felt fun in the next few months. 

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  1. I just love that white bookshelf! Where did you get it?


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