Monday, July 23, 2012

Stinky Stink Monday

It's been one of those days where the number of stinky stinks out number the good things that have happened throughout the day.  It's also Monday and that pretty much says it all.  It seemed the day was doomed to fail with me leaving my cell phone in the middle of the woods on the running trail... and it pretty much goes down hill from there.  But as the hubby says, that is life and sometimes those days happen.  I have been trying really hard today to look at the good things that happen instead of the bad because this is really not the way I want to start my week.... [hope you had a better Monday than I did].

So with that said, here are some photos from the July Photo Challenge [which gives you small glimpse into our little lives].

July 16:  Sign 

July 17:  Addiction  I actually took this picture today [I know I am a cheater] but my current addiction is running.  I seriously use to hate it but we have somehow reconciled.  This little one loves it too.

July 18:  Plate  Here is what is on our plate.  One of our favorite lunches [an odd one too].  Eggs over easy with toasted Sweet Hawaiian bread.   Boo and I share it.

July 20:  Eyes  Okay so this wasn't taken the 20th but it is a great picture of the little one's eyes when she was just an itty bitty.

July 21:  9 o'clock  No better way to start the morning with a piece of my favorite Filipino chocolate [thanks big sissy].


  1. where do you get this photo challenges? I really like these posts....a mini reality TV, sort of. ha ha ha

  2. love the photos, and hope that the rest of your week was better than your stinky stink Monday :)

  3. Trust me, remember this day. Someday, you will look back and wish you could do it all over again. What I wouldn't give to have one of my worst days to live over again when my children were small.


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