Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tutorial: How to Cover a Wipes Case

I know there are tons of toots out there for this but I thought I would throw my two cents in since I was making these this week anways.  I included lots of pictures but this is a super duper easy DIY project and makes a great baby shower gift.  All you need is a traveling wipes case, some felt [or batting], fabric and ribbon. 

So lets get started.  Take a plain boring traveling wipes case and trace it on a regular sheet of white paper.  This will be your pattern.

Pin it to two pieces of batting or those 10 cent sheets of felt and cut.  Repeat this step with the fabric of your choice.  Be sure to cut the fabric pieces slightly larger on the sides to ensure it fits the case well.  You can always trim off the excess.

Use a hot glue gun to glue down the batting or felt piece on the the case just so it covers the top.

I have included detailed instructions on  how I glue the fabric on.  This most certainly is not the only way, it is just the way I have done it time and time again.  And, don't go crazy with the hot glue gun. 

1. I start from the back of the case.   I place a little dot, center the fabric and then glue down the fabric all along the back rim.  See how I have left a little breathing room.  You don't want to glue right on the edge because it could affect how the case opens.

2.  Pull tight, place a dot of glue on the front center end and glue that down.
3. I then glue the sides down being sure that the corners are glued well.  Be sure to pull on the fabric as tight as you can every time you glue it down.

4.  I finish it off in the front gluing the fabric down the front of the case pulling tight.  I usually end up trimming some excess too.

To cover all of those unruly raw edges we are going to use ribbon.  If I can't find ribbon to match I will sometimes use bias tape.  This ribbon is 3/8 of an inch thick.  I start in the back again and work my way all the way around.

And in a short amount of time, TADA an adorable, personalized, wipes case.  I kept this one simple [which is personally how I like them] but if you google image search wipes cases you can really get creative with these.  You can add ribbon to the front, flowers, applique, quilt the whole case, ruffles.... the possibilities are endless.


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