Friday, July 20, 2012

Tutorial: How to Make a Tie Onsie

Okay so this is probably one of my last baby projects for awhile and it is so cute it makes me want a little man... sometime in the far far away future of course.  It is super easy to do and yet another great and personalized baby shower gift.

There are a few ways to make the shape of the tie and it really depends on preference.  I like the more box-y look but google search tie onsies and pick the one that floats your boat.  If you also like this look, feel free to download my pattern, which I used for 0-3 month onsies.  You can get the image from HERE on flicker, download the large size and print.  You can also download the PDF version from HERE on scribd.
Once you have your pattern, cut it out and set it aside.  We are first going to turn the tie into an iron on.  You will need three pieces; fabric, fusible web [which fuses two pieces of fabric together], and lightweight interfacing.  The interfacing helps to make the thin fabric a little more sturdy and makes it easier to sew onto the shirt.  Lay the pieces in order one on top of the other and iron it together.

Then, pin the pattern onto the now one piece of fabric and cut.  As you can see, the back is the lightweight interfacing.
Now cut more fusible web the shape of the tie and we are going to iron on the tie to the onsie.  Be sure to center it and tuck the bottom of the tie under the top.  Ironing it on will help keep it in one place when you sew.
Now for the fun.  Sew around the entire thing and in between the top knot and tie.
Once you are done it should look like this.  I got a little crazy and used a fun stitch I never get to use.
Before you know it, you will have some adorable little tie onsies for any little man in your life.


  1. okay, seriously, did you know how bad I needed this? I think you were reading my mind :) Parker's 1st birthday party theme is going to be little man :)

  2. This is so cute! I'm visiting from - found you on the Busy Monday Linky Party. I hope you'll come visit me, too :)


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